For decades, we have accumulated much experience in the research, design and production of whole-set waterwheel hydro-generating units of mixed flow type, tubular type, axial type, pump storage type, etc. And large and medium-sized pump groups. We uphold the concept of technological innovation, and constantly develop new products to meet customer needs.
  In the past ten years, we have manufactured more than500sets of units for over 200 hydropower stations at home and abroad, with an annual production capacity of more than 1 000MW, of which the capacity Francis single unit is less than 300MW, the capacity of Kaplan single unit is less than 150MW and the capacity of Bulb Turbine single unit is less than 50WM.
  Up to now, the Bulb Turbine unit we manufactured with the largest capacity is 40mw(runner diameter D = 7m) ;the Bulb Turbine unit with the largest runner diameter is the 4 × 18.5MW unit (runner diameter D = 7.2m); the largest Kaplan  Turbine unit is 2x40MW unit, with a runner diameter of 5.5m; the largest Francis turbine unit has a runner diameter of 4.5m.
  The main processing workshops are: Machining & Assembly Workshop,Dust-Free Coil Workshop and Heavy Riveting & Welding Workshop, and packaging workshop.
  We have a total of 300 processing equipment, including 75 sets of large precision equipment. Among key equipment are Schiess middle Φ16m CNC Vertical Lathe from Germany, Φ9m CNC Vertical Lathe produced by Toshiba Corp., Japan, 20m sleeper made by Fujii Corp., Japan, 17m NC sleeper and Φ5.5m CNC lathe face made by Karatsu Corp., Japan,Φ160, Φ130 CNC milling boring made by Toshiba Corp., Japan, Φ260, and Φ200 Digital boring and milling machine for five-axis CNC milling and boring machine made by INNSE company, Italy, 3 × 6m CNC gantry milling machine made by the Line Corp., France, domestic horizontal 500t hydraulic press, domestic 150t/50t hoist station, domestic three roller coiling machine 120 × 6600mm and domestic STA600 NC cutting machines.
  The above excellent large and medium-sized machinery and equipment are all operated by corresponding levels of skilled professional craftsmen and technicians to ensure processing accuracy and quality requirements.



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