Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Machinery & Hydro Power Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd follows the ISO9001:2000 standard completely. In accordance to the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, the company sets up the quality control organization and the quality assurance system. By articulating the functions and duties of each branch, the operation of each branch is supposed to be carried out in a controlled and ordered situation.

  The Quality Control Manual of the company is drafted according the ISO9001: standard 2000. The corresponding program files are made exhaustively according to the requirements on the following twenty elements: the overall management duty, quality system, contract review, design control, document and material control, the identification and traceability of purchased products, the inspection and test in the process of manufacturing, the quality control over equipments by measurement methods, effective eradication of rejected goods as well as correction and precautions, flitting, storage, packing, precautions and payment, strict quality record, quality checking within the company, personnel training, user service, statistics and etc. With sound organization and strict control over program files in the company, all branches and employees have rules to follow. The Quality Department effectively controls the workmanship of each entity and employee at any time through daily supervision and checking.
  According to the rules of ISO9001:2000 internal and external checking, the Quality Department regularly carries out quality certification and test to external subcontractors and vendors, and perform the system of checking to insiders according to the quality management principle. That is confirmation, enforcement, examination, demonstration and correction. To attain tracking management to quality will make a perfect result.
  Our quality target is: Product once inspection qualified rate was 95%, customer satisfaction not less than 8, the product delivery timeliness was 99%, internal quality loss was down 5%. In order to attain this goal, the company provides guarantees inorganization, quality, regulations and technology. Our quality policy is quality acquiring by strictness, quantity acquiring by precision, trust acquiring by honesty , satisfaction acquiring by good service



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