Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

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Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


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Service commitment



  Serve ,satisfy and be responsible to our customers


  In the process of installation, field service supplied by our engineering staff is

  We can resolve problem on site and feedback information to our company immediately.

  We can supply consultative service on technology and professional training.

  We can take advice from installation personals and customers in order to improve our design.

  During the quality guarantee period specified in contract, we follow the principle that handle first and then analyze so as to satisfy our customers need.

  Collect advice, handle letters and receive visitors, if necessary, we adopt measure and improve our quality.

  Manage after service files and record cards.


  We guide installation according to our national standard called technical specification of turbine and generator whose number is GB8564. Method and schedule:

  In the review process of preliminary design, expanded design and construction design, if necessary, we invite design company and customers to negotiate together. And we respect their requirement and advice.

  In the process of manufacturing, we supply customer test and experiment result, if necessary, we invite they to choose key auxiliaries before perchasing.

  if necessary, we invite customer to engage in inspection and testing of key auxiliaries assembly.

  We can dispatch site-representative according to the delivery schedule.

  We can reply in 24 hours after receiving notice.

  We can return visit your power plant during the quality guarantee period in order to ensure the normally operating.

Charge of after service:
  Our service is free of charge in quality guarantee period. Otherwise we take charge of it reasonably according to equipment condition and liability.

Liability of after service:

  Our company will be responsible to after service, no matter who ownership belongs to and what adjustment about our leaders.

Hotline is:022-86818616


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