Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

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Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


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R&D Ability


  Our company has a state-level technology center, professional engaged in technology research and development. The center has distinguished experts, senior and intermediate professional and technical personnel more than 140 people, master degree 17 people, bachelor degree nearly 200 people, and 2 people owned senior titles. Every year, in order to enrich R&D group, our company recruits a certain amount of new graduates with relevant majors.
  TANFA was the first enterprise and possessed rich experience in researching and manufacturing low-head complete set of power generation equipment, with a multi-disciplinary personnel group of design analysis and material manufacture, 487 patents , 646 knacks, flow field analysis software CFD, and several application software such as Pro-E, Ansys, CAD, CAE, CAM, parameterization, etc.
  Based on having owned technology, our company learned and introduced foreign technology and made innovation with combined well-known domestic institutions. Up to now, we have our own intellectual property rights of core technology about turbine-generator equipment.
  Being the platform of State-level Technology Center and Tianjin High & New Technology Enterprise, our company has successively undertaken several high tech R&D programs, such as “the development of bulb type turbine-generator unit adapt to sea water and fresh water”. To sum up, we have undertaken 7 programs of Tianjin science and technology committee and Development and Reform Commission, 83 industrialization and foreign cooperation programs, 157 enterprise R&D programs, 251 three year R&D programs. Among them: 33 programs in Cooperation of Industry, Education and Academy. We gained the second prize of science & technology progress from National Machinery Committee, first and third prize of science & technology progress from Tianjin science & technology committee, as well as golden medal of Tianjin patent.
  We enhances enterprise innovation, especially in the aspect of original innovation, integrated innovation and re-innovation, strengthen innovation talent team construction, improve the science and technology mechanism, actively participate in stipulating international and national technical standards, and increase the fund support of R&D and independent innovation . We try our best to make our technology center to line in the national first-class center, and make our company to be the model of learning type and innovative type enterprises.


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