Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

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Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


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  Sincere thanks to customers and the society for your long-term cooperation and support.   
  Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Machinery and Hydro Power Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded on Feb.2001 is in line with the spirit of company management and good asset reconstructing . It retained technical talents of Tianjin Generating Machinery Manufacture, all the technical document and excellent equipment of Tianjin Heavy Machinery Manufacture.
  Management logos of our general manager Sun Jiang is shown as follows:
  Our company strategy is perfect Tubular unit and  expand Francis and Kaplan unit;
pay attention to tidal power and pumped-storage power ,advance heavy machinery, update equipment, strengthen machining& matching ability, increase fund of  R&D and innovation.
  Being the platform of State-level Technology Center and Tianjin High & New Technology Enterprise, we self-developed several new technologies such as new type of tubular unit and new bearing structure of Francis unit, etc. 13 items were listed in the national first class. Turbine distributor equipment, detachable control ring, main shaft seal equipment and tubular unit bearing have obtained patent protection, which became our core technologies.
  We will carry forward our culture, adhere to the management concept of “Accomplishing projects with heart, winning trust & friendship.”, pursue the vista of  "high-quality goods equipment in China and the world", strengthen the conviction of “Elaborately make the high-quality goods, high-quality goods create value”, progressively make our company to be the excellent enterprise providing high-quality value and service to the customs.


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