Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

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Welcome to Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


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  Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Machinery& Hydro Power Equipment Manufacture CO.,LTD.(TFZXSD),was founded on Feb2.2001.Incorporated by Tianjin Generating Machinery Manufacture Corporation and Tianjin Heavy Machinery Manufacture Corporation Ltd ., TFZXSD is in line with the spirit of company management and good asset reconstructing. Under the direct leadership of Tianjin Municipal Government and Tianjin Machinery Electric Industry Holding Group Company, TFZXSD was formed by multiple investors. It is one of the seven pillar industries that Tianjin municipal government support and develops.
  The main products of our company include large, middle and small Bulb, Kaplan and Francis turbine and generator units , pump storage , Bulb and Kaplan pump units. We have total 1000 emplyees. We have strong technical development and design capability. Our technical team includes national experts, senior engineers of professor, senior engineers and engineers. Our processing and production team consists of many senior technicians, technicians and outstanding professional technology workers. Our company was awarded as Tianjin advanced and new technology enterprise and municipal technology R&D center. Have complete test and inspection facilities. For decades, we have supplied more than 1000 sets for over 400 hydropower stations with total install capacity 12000MW.         
  We will always pursue the vista of  "high-quality goods equipment in China and the world", strengthen the conviction of “Elaborately make the high-quality goods, high-quality goods create value” " In The Twelfth Five-Year, the company will build a technology innovation, management leading team. Stick to "Create wealth to serve the society , and return to the shareholders and the employees.
  Core values, providing high-quality goods and service  to our clients.


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